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Prevention Disinfectants Refillable Wipe Pouches Reduces Plastic Waste
Prevention Disinfectants Refillable Wipe Pouches Reduces Plastic Waste

Embrace the call to sustainability with Virox Technologies, a leading developer of the world’s safest, most effective, eco-friendly disinfectant chemistries.

Empowering beauty and wellness professionals, they introduce their latest innovation: Prevention™ Canister Refill Wipe Pouches. Using these refillable pouches, professionals can actively contribute to a cleaner and greener environment while ensuring optimal cleaning and disinfection.

Prevention Disinfectants already provide an environmentally preferable alternative with their biodegradable formulation that breaks down into water and oxygen. The addition of a refill format into the product line continues the trend of enabling spas and salons to reduce their impact on the environment while remaining tough on germs.

With 90% less plastic than traditional wipe tubs, Prevention Refill Wipe pouches are designed to be inserted into existing Prevention wipe canisters, allowing customers to reuse their canisters instead of throwing them away. Its availability in a 6-pack format also reduces packaging as well as making it more cost-effective for customers.

“Prevention’s new refill wipes are a testament to Virox’s commitment to bring class-leading hospital-grade disinfection products to the beauty and wellness industry that are not only safe for the user but also sustainable,” said Dan Woolford, Senior Director at Virox Technologies. “Not only are Prevention Disinfectant products produced in a LEED® Gold-certified facility, but also powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) that provides effectiveness in killing a broad spectrum of pathogens while remaining gentle on users, materials, and the environment.”

Prevention refill wipes are available at major spa and salon distributors in the United States. Join the movement towards a more sustainable future with Prevention™ Disinfectants. Visit PreventionDisinfectants.com/sustainability to learn more.

About Virox Technologies Inc.

Virox Technologies Inc. is a disruptive chemical engineering and disinfectant innovator who set a new standard in disinfection in 1998 with the patented technology, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®. Since then, we have continued to innovate and deliver the world’s safest, most effective, and eco-conscious disinfectants and elevate the understanding of proper disinfection and infection prevention. Our trusted technologies and products are relied on in more than 70 countries across human and animal health industries, eliminating dangerous pathogens and providing a safer and greener alternative for people, animals, and the planet.

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