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More and more people are recognizing the importance of healthy and beautiful nails as part of self-care. In social situations, our hands are always on display, so well-groomed nails can boost confidence.

MelodySusie brings you the revolutionary Nail Drill Pen, making nail care remarkably simple and effortless. It's the first care-oriented nail drill pen designed to provide efficient and comfortable nail care. Salon clients can say goodbye to rough cuticles, calluses, and uneven nails, while nail techs can say goodbye to fatigue or fighting cords. 

Let's explore some nail care tips and what makes the MelodySusie Nail Drill Pen unique for both client and nail technicians, alike!

1. Benefits of MelodySusie PC1-Nail Drill Pen

  • Care-Oriented Design: Specifically designed for nail care, perfect for daily cuticle care, dead skin removal, hard calluses, and nail surfaces.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Focus on user comfort with a lightweight and compact design, eliminating hand fatigue and making it easy to handle and store.
  • Adjustable Speed & Cordless: One-button control with two-speed options allows for easy customization of your nail care experience.


  • Comfortable & Precise Simulation Pen Design: Experience precise and comfortable nail care with its easy-to-handle design and thin handpiece for better control and a stable grip.
  • Safe & Stable Performance: Features a body that dissipates heat quickly, reducing the risk of overheating. Low vibration and stable performance make it safe and beginner-friendly.

2. Using the PC1-Nail Drill Pen for Nail Care

The PC1-Nail Drill Pen can be paired with various cuticle bits that are gentle to sidewalls and cuticles. It efficiently removes dead skin and calluses, leaving nails healthy, clean, and neat.


Client steps for at-home care: 

After they have left the salon, you can encourage them to continue their care at home with these tips...

  • Start by washing your hands and trimming your nails to the desired length using nail clippers.
  • Switch to the cuticle cleaning bit to remove excess dead skin around the edges of your nails.
  • Use the little flame bit to lift the eponychium (optional) and the nipper to cut away any remaining dead skin.
  • Smooth out the edges with the ball bit.
  • Clean underneath your nails with the UNC bit.
  • Nourish and moisturize your nails by applying cuticle oil and hand cream.

3. Nail Care Tips

  • Don’t bite your nails. Uneven nail surfaces are unattractive and biting nails can lead to bacterial infections.
  • Trim your nails regularly. Prevent bacterial infection and spread. Additionally, file the nails to smooth out rough edges.
  • Avoid tearing off the dead skin with your hands. Use warm water to soften nails and a clipper to remove excess cuticles and prevent hangnails.
  • Apply cuticle oil and hand cream for daily nail care. Apply cuticle oil to visibly dry keratin layer and wear gloves in the fall and winter seasons.

With the PC1 Nail Drill Pen, achieving healthy nails and a flawless manicure has never been easier. 

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As a leading professional nail tool brand with 14 years of experience in nail art tools,MelodySusie is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every user, staying at the forefront of nail care trends, and continuously striving for technological innovation and premium quality.

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