Jelly footwear brand Melissa has joined forces with fashion expert psychologist Dr. Dion Terrelonge to reveal the surprising impacts that an outfit color or style choice can have on a person’s mood, as well as how others perceive them. 

With Google searches for ‘Joyful Dressing’ increasing 100% in the last three months, it seems that happiness is not only a state of mind but also a way of influencing style. Dr. Terrelonge adds, “Research suggests that women are much more likely to wear their favorite dress when they are happy (62%), than when feeling low (6%). The outfit we choose to wear can very much impact one’s mood and vice versa, whether that’s starting the day positively by opting for a favourite gym co-ord, to entice us to go for a run, or opting for a neutral number to blend in when we want to be unnoticed”.

Dion Terrelonge adds: “Clothing can be life affirming, as it allows you to dress for the person you are, the person you would like to be, and the person you would like others to see you as.”

The Top Mood-Boosting Colors

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now
The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now

With this in mind, here are the key colors that will uplift your mood:

Red: Fiery

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now


Red is well recognised as an attention-grabbing color, which might make wearers feel fiery, strong, warm and energetic. On the other hand, you can be seen as “Less trustworthy, demanding, aggressive, but also arousing.” Dr. Terrelonge says.

Pink: Empowered

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now


This now trendy color has been used to sell products aimed at women and it was perceived as a very feminine color. However, this has now changed and has been reinstated as a representation of feminine power. Dr. Terrelonge says: “Today, rather than being weak, wearing pink might make an individual feel empowered and part of something bigger than themselves (for example,  feminist movements).”

Yellow: Fun

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now


Yellow as red, is a warm color and it might create a sense of excitement and engagement towards the wearer. Also because of the association of this color with the sun, it also symbolizes new beginnings. Dr. Terrelonge says: “Those who wear yellow might be seen as joyful, open to experiences, outgoing, and friendly.” She then also adds: “In studies examining the link between mood and color, yellow has been found to be psychologically linked to humour and playfulness.“

Green: Grounded

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now


Very easy on the eyes, green is one of the colors that might generate a feeling of restfulness. Due to its strong connection with nature, Dr. Terrelonge says: ”Wearing green may make individuals feel calm, refreshed, balanced, and harmonious with their environment. Those wearing green may be perceived as environmentally aware, gentle, and peaceful.”

Purple: Creative

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now


Purple is a color that has been associated with numerous behaviours and feelings. Purple has been strongly associated with nobility and royalty. Based on that, Dr. Terrelonge says: “The wearing of purple may engender feelings of status and power within the wearer and lead others to perceive the individual as someone of status and power”. She also adds: “Purple is also linked to imagination and creativity and is said to encourage out-of-the-box thinking.”

The Top 6 Fashion Trends to Adopt Right Now

The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now
The Art of Joyful Dressing: 5 Colors, 6 Trends to Adopt Now

Aside from color choices, adopting fun and playful fashion trends can also provide us a way to influence our feelings. Here’s six fashion trends that Yanks are loving right now and why: 

Barbiecore: Glamourous

With an increase in Google searches of 653% compared to last year, this trend symbolizes glamour, confidence, positivity, femininity and a sense of adventure and competence according to Dr. Terrelonge. 

Quiet Luxury: Prestigious

This fashion style has seen the highest increase with an increase in online searches of 4,493% in comparison to last year. Those embodying this style might experience: “A sense of prestige and as though they are on the inside and part of a special, lofty and exclusive club.” Dr. Terrelonge says.

Cowbodycore/Westerncore: Adventurous

 Internet searches for this trend have increased by 200% in comparison to last year and Queen Bee has really shown how best to wear this trend. Dr. Terrelonge says that those wearing this trend may experience: “Resilience, gumption, freedom, adventure, awareness of nature, grit, and traditionalism.”

Mermaidcore: Alluring

Mermaidcore is the second most popular trend with an increase in searches of 1,285% in comparison to last year. “Mermaids are synonyms of femininity, alluring beauty, duality,  mystery, being unrestrained and free-spirited and those wearing these trends might embody those behaviours,” says Dr. Terrelonge.

Y2K: Youthful

With bucket hats, low rise jeans, body chains and a total of 201,000 average monthly searches, Y2K is here to stay in our closets. Dr. Terrelonge explains, “Wearing clothing from this era may allow the wearer to feel connected to their own youth or, depending on age, to an era whose pop culture is idolised and continues to be popular.” She adds, “The style of Y2K has been re-appropriated by Gen X and Z who have made it their own – therefore the trend allows these wearers to experience a sense of belonging to a peer group based on age and culture.”

To find out more about the impact colors has on the wearer as well as the viewer, head here to find the full research 

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