It turns out that common design elements like a black base and blood drops should be swapped out...

It turns out that common design elements like a black base and blood drops should be swapped out for a nude base and minimalist white ghosts.

Photo: Fresha

A beauty expert has revealed the perfect manicure for the spooky season this year — and it turns out that simplicity and neutrals are key to nailing the look. This will be helpful for those looking to get their seasonal set before the big day, as videos tagged ‘Halloween nails’ have accumulated 28 million views in the U.S. over the last week.

The recommendation comes after an analysis of about 500 popular posts tagged #halloweennails on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, from which the experts at subscription free booking software for beauty and wellness, Fresha London, found that black and blood drops are out, and cute little ghosts and glitter are in. 

Across the most-liked seasonal videos, most manicures feature a nude barely-there base (19%). People have pivoted from traditionally bold colors like black and blood red to a more minimalist, professional, low-maintenance polish. Minimalism is also key from a nail art perspective, it turns out, with the majority of the most popular manicures swapping elaborate designs for subtle ghosts, basic bats, and simple spider webs — often acting as French tips — typically using just white and black polish. 

It makes sense that French tips feature heavily in the not-so-frightening designs, as the enduring 90s style has seen a resurgence in popularity of late — with celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Rita Ora, and Lizzo all sporting them at major events over the last year. Viewers’ favorite designs seemed to be those that were easy to pull off — typically just requiring a dotting tool and one small brush — implying this year is about nailing the designs that require very little effort, regardless of your skill level. 

Ghosts came out as the most popular design choice, appearing in almost one in four manicures (23%), followed by spiders and spiderwebs (16%), bats (11%), and pumpkins (9%). Google Trends data backs up the findings, as it turns out that ‘bat nail art’ has seen a 90% increase in searches in the U.S. over the last week, while ‘spider web nails’ are up 150%, and, surprisingly, mummy nail art has seen a 450% rise. 

Those who want to add something extra may consider incorporating glitter, which was the most popular embellishment after nail art, followed by gemstones and decals. The most popular nail shape came out as mid-length and square, appearing in a quarter (26%) of the most-liked uploads, while the second-best choice is pointed (15%). 

Among the less-popular choices this year, but still featured in the posts, included nail art of popular movie villains (with Ghostface appearing most), neon base colors, especially orange and green, and 3D art details such as ‘veins,’ drips, and fangs. 

The Most Popular Halloween Manicure Choices Ranked

Rank Base Color Nail Shape Nail Art Embellishment
1 Nude Square, Mid-length Ghosts Glitter
2 Clear Topcoat Pointed Spiders/Spiderwebs Gemstones
3 White Coffin Bats Decals
4 Black Square, Long Pumpkins Chrome
5 Burgundy Rounded, Long Blood Drips Polymer Charms


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