It’s a big season for nails. The legendary innovators at CND are unveiling their refreshed lineup of nail products: iconic standbys are elevated to new heights, and breakthrough technologies make their debut. The focus this fall? Health—engineered by science, and refined for the senses.

CND’s Liquid & Powder System: Cutting-Edge Nail Science

CND is always leading the way. In case you didn’t know, the brains at CND are the wild scientists who created the custom-blended manicure—that game-changing technique which lets nail professionals mix sculpting powders for stunningly natural-looking results (and just about any color you can dream up).

CND technologies are designed for versatility, flexibility and resilience—whether you’re building extreme sculpted looks or creating the classics: use the CND Liquid & Powder System for sculpting on a CND Future Form, a CND Future Tip, or even over a natural nail.

All-Star Review

CND Perfect Color Powders, the original in custom-blending, deliver illusion sculpting, superior workability, and a scratch-resistant, high shine finish.

CND Retention + Sculpting Liquid pairs up with powders to provide superior adhesion with a non-yellowing formula.

It’s all down to the science: the CND “interpenetrating polymer network”—that’s IPN for short—layers up for super-strength. That’s the kind of innovation that empowers you to do beautiful, resilient work, even on lift-prone clients.


CND sculpting powders get a new look for fall—expect the high-tech formulas you rely on, now packaged to be easier to use and identify in-salon.

New Hues

CND is releasing six all-new shade extensions to the Perfect Color Sculpting Powder Line:

•    Warm Medium Brown

•    Cool Mocha

•    Soft Warm Beige

•    Light Peachy Pink

•    Medium Cool Pink

•    Natural Buff

The color blending options are endless: deliver the trends clients ask for and create gram-worthy hues. “These stunning new shades empower nail professionals,” agrees Barbara Fogleman, Sr. Director of NA Education at CND. “You can offer options tailored to your clients’ unique skin tones, lifestyles, and preferences.”

Odorless Product Changes the Game

And now the big breakthrough: CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid. The same top-quality capabilities that nail pros expect from CND Sculpting Liquid—now without the odor you associate with traditional acrylic services.

This exclusively-developed formula represents a huge opportunity for destination spas and salons who want to offer highest-level sense experiences alongside the industry’s best service tech.

“CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid is a game-changer for nail pros who’ve been avoiding traditional liquids due to strong odors,” says the CND Sr. Director of NA Education, Barbara Fogleman. “We’ve crafted this product with comfort and creativity in mind, enhancing the overall salon experience for both the nail pro and their clients.”

Mega-adaptable and built to deliver best-in-class technology, CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid is the result of a rigorous five-year development process. “CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid is a long time in the making,” says CND co-founder, style director, and all-around nail fanatic Jan Arnold. “This technology has been difficult to produce but our R&D overdelivered on the promise!”

CND worked for five years to engineer their new Odorless Sculpting Liquid. The results?

•    No EMA or MMA odor

•    Standout balance of strength, adhesion and flexibility

•    Great for both avant-garde designs or elegant single-color manicures

•    Perfect for lift-prone clients

•    Suitable for nail pros of all experience levels

•    Test-compliant in all 50 states

Easy to Use—Amazing Results

Like all CND innovations, CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid is designed with use in mind. “It’s truly amazing to work with,” says Jan Arnold. “Odorless Sculpting Liquid combines with Perfect Color Powders to make a two-part Liquid and Powder System that sculpts like a GEL!”

Jan explains how the CND Liquid and Powder System works: “Using a 2 to 1 liquid to powder ratio, the pro can create a single large bead that can flow, self-level and be molded into shape effortlessly. In fact, the less the bead is manipulated, the more beautiful the results. It also has a soft-file finish and a super-quick rebalance. And with the new Odorless Sculpting Liquid, you don’t smell it, which allows for a lovely, relaxing appointment experience.”


Build instant shape and length—with no odor.

Something to Talk About

Nail pros know how it works—how about clients? We asked Barbara Fogleman what pros can tell clients about how they use the CND Liquid and Powder System. Barbara says: “Highlight your ability as a nail professional to use this system to elevate your artistry to new heights. Clients can expect stunning, personalized results that showcase your creativity. Encourage your clients to try this innovative system for their next nail appointment—explain that it’s designed to enhance their nail experience and deliver exceptional results.”

Stronger Than Ever

Turns out you can improve on nature: longtime favorite Strengthener RXx is famous for its ability to create additional layers on natural nails, fortifying and strengthening, repairing damage and smoothing ridges. Natural nails get an extra barrier of protection against chipping and cracking—with a breathable, water- and oxygen-permeable formula that actually improves nail health over time. Did we mention it’s vegan?

Ultra-nourishing and conditioning, Strengthener RXx is a beautiful mix of tech and nature. “CND Strengthener RXx uses new technology,” explains Jamie Welton, chemistry genius and Director of CND Research and Development. “This new tech doesn’t use formaldehyde to strengthen nails: that’s part of what makes it so special. Instead, it’s formulated with Tsubaki Oil (that’s Camellia Seed Oil) which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. This ingredient helps condition nails. Celery Seed Extract helps strengthen nails—from augmenting thickness to smoothing the nail surface.”

“Decadent, Beautiful” New Fragrance for SolarOil

CND’s iconic SolarOil has been an industry all-star for over forty years. Nail pros know it, love it, and rely on it for its award-winning power to maintain healthy nails, maximize services and reduce breakdown. It’s a staple of the industry.

“Solar Oil is one of my absolute favorite go-to products,” affirms Jan Arnold, echoing SolarOil users everywhere. “It’s not only a necessary step during my appointments in the salon, but also a constant part of my daily (and nightly) nail routine.” Jan really means nightly: “Using SolarOil every day at bedtime allows it to penetrate nails and skin while you sleep!” she explains. “The cumulative effect keeps nails tough and flexible: we call that ‘plasticizing’ the nails. Repeated use helps to extend the life of service.”

And now SolarOil gets even better—upgraded with a luxurious new fragrance.

At the heart of the elevated new scent is a warm cherry almond, trailed by a breath of delicate violet, jasmine, cherry blossom and lilac. Bright fruits and berries sparkle subtly. Base notes of vanilla, soft woods and musk round out a gorgeous sensorial experience.

“The new scent takes SolarOil to the luxury level,” says Jan Arnold. “It’s light, modern, and sophisticated.”

Indulgent, decadent, and unquestionably high-end, this reimagined fragrance definitely brings SolarOil’s powerful performance up to a new level of elegance.


SolarOil has been the final word in nail and cuticle care for over forty years. Its gorgeous new fragrance brings sophistication and elegance to treatments.

What makes SolarOil the Industry Choice?

•    Designed to deeply penetrate, condition and protect nails, cuticles and skin

•    Keeps nails tough and flexible

•    Star ingredients deliver moisture and neutralize free radicals associated with premature skin aging

•    Quick-absorbing

•    Vegan

•    Compatible with Shellac, Vinylux, Plexigel, Brisa, CND Liquid & Powder System, and many other treatments (including CND faves Rescue RXx, Cuticle Eraser and Strengthener RXx)

A Gorgeous New Season      

CND’s fall refresh shows their commitment to innovation, health, and indulgently elegant service experiences. Deliver the kind of technical excellence you expect from CND, now at a level of sophistication which will blow your clients away.

Find the favorites you rely on—even better than ever—and discover the cutting edge of new nail technology at CND.



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