Kim Kardashian by Brittney Boyce and CND at GQ Man of the Year Event 2023.

Kim Kardashian by Brittney Boyce and CND at GQ Man of the Year Event 2023.

Photo: CND

CND partnered with Brittney Boyce to provide Kim Kardashian's manicure at GQ’s annual 'Man Of The Year' event. Kim’s long brown nails are understated, yet edgy, perfect for the Fall or the holiday party season.

“We wanted to keep Kim’s nails neutral while also complimenting her outfit for the event. As Kim is GQ’s ‘Man of the Year’, we wanted to stay within the thematic of something ‘masculine’ but still elegant with the long coffin tips that really help to elongate her hands.”

– Brittney Boyce, Celebrity Nail Artist

Look Breakdown

  1. Begin with P.E.P.
  2. Apply a layer of CND Plexigel Bonder and cure in the CND LED Lamp using preset button 1.
  3. Using CND Future Forms with CND Plexigel Builder build nail length, shape, and architecture to a long coffin-shaped tip. Cure using button 2B.
  4. Clean with 99% IPA.
  5. Shape and refine the nail using a 180 grit file and buffer.
  6. Clean with 99% IPA.
  7. Apply three layers of CND Shellac in Leather Goods. Cure using button 2S.
  8. Seal with a layer of CND Shellac No-Wipe+ Top Coat and cure using button 3.
  9. Moisturize with CND SolarOil to condition nails and cuticles.

Pro Tip: To recreate the look at home, apple two layers of CND Vinylux in Leather Goods, followed by CND Vinylux Longwear Top Coat for 7+ days of high shine wear.


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