Oh no, not another ugly sweater! After repeated unsuccessful attempts at finding the perfect gift, I resorted to the simplicity of cash gift cards for everyone. They don't take up space and need no packaging—just a little envelope of happiness.

Offering gift certificates is a great strategy for attracting new clients and boosting income. However, done incorrectly, especially concerning refunds, transfers, and the scope of services included, things can turn into a nightmare. If you provide gift certificates, ensure thorough adherence to legalities and service considerations.

According to federal law (the Card Act of 2009), a gift card cannot expire until at least five years from its activation date. Moreover, specific state laws may offer additional protection for buyers in certain circumstances. Verify local regulations to guarantee your gift certificate practices align with regional laws and regulations. Regularly review and update your policies to ensure compliance with regulations regarding gift certificates to avoid legal issues and build trust with clients.

For salons offering gift certificates, consider the following guidelines:

1. Specify the Value: Clearly indicate whether the gift certificate denotes a dollar amount (e.g., $75) or is specific to a service (e.g., haircut, blow-out, manicure, or facial). Provide explicit details about the covered services, including whether tips are included.

2. Establish Expiration Dates: Clearly state the issuance and expiration dates of the gift certificates, ensuring compliance with local laws.

3. Outline Refund and Transfer Policies: Articulate policies concerning refunds and transferability, making this information easily accessible to purchasers and recipients.

4. Allow Flexible Redemption: If possible, enable the redemption of gift certificates for various services or products, providing recipients with more options.

5. Streamline Redemption Processes: Ensure a simple and straightforward process for redeeming gift certificates, including information on hours, days, and holiday redemptions. Address considerations for salon relocations.

6. Educate Customers: Inform clients about gift certificate availability, purchase, and redemption. Display a sample certificate prominently within your salon.

7. Design and Branding: Poorly designed or executed gift certificates may negatively impact the salon's brand perception, affecting the overall customer experience. Invest in well-designed, attractive certificates that reflect your salon's branding. A visually appealing design can enhance the allure of the gift.

8. Promote Effectively: Actively market and promote gift certificates, particularly during holidays or special occasions. Utilize social media, your website, and in-salon displays to maximize visibility.

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Carlos Valenzuela is a bilingual writer and the author of Magical Thinking in Hairdressing. He is a former salon and beauty school owner and global beauty educator with a master's in international business. His work on positivity and success appears in Modern Salon and his blog, www.carlos-valenzuela.com. 

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