Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for...

Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken

I’m often asked, “What’s been the most valuable moment that’s impacted your career, Sam?” Friends, the answer has always been crystal clear for me - education. I encourage us all collectively as we embark on this new year to prioritize and support education within the hairdressing industry.

Investing in continuous education has been the key to my success. My educational moments as a student became the cornerstone of my career as a hairdresser and
continues to be. Embracing learning early on in my career transformed my skills, mindset, and ultimately my professional path as a teacher.

I also believe that as a teacher I must never cease to learn…as hairdressers, we must never cease to learn…as people we must never cease to learn! Education not only enhances our knowledge to stay relevant, it also gives us the confidence to push the boundaries of our creativity. My educational journey has been a huge factor in advancing my career and opened so many opportunities for me to grow and succeed. The beauty industry is ever evolving, and staying ahead requires continuous learning and adapting.

Let’s start a revolution in 2024, let it be the year of educational opportunities and endless potential that shapes our path to success. Embracing education has always been a steppingstone and a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Our industry and society continue to evolve, keeping up demands a commitment to continuous learning, adapting and evolving.

I challenge you to prioritize education this year and dive into all the possibilities that await you in workshops, hands-on, look and learns, retreats, digital classes, shows in person…. each one is a catalyst for your personal and professional growth.

Whether you seek the latest trends, want to refine your color, cutting or styling skills, or you seek a wellness retreat…there is a class for you to challenge, inspire, and grow you both personally and professionally.

Education is what rewarded me as I teacher. I discovered attending classes and shows was the key to charting my own destiny, little did I know it was sculpting a future filled with tons of promise. Do your homework and pick the right show, class, workshop, and facilitator…research who is teaching and why.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a show, event, workshop, or any classroom or educational event:

  • Skill Development - Pick a skill set and focus on that to grow or expand, it could be a new skill, or you might want to refine an existing one.
  • Inspiration and Creativity - Attending any class can spark your creative and visual skills. It affords an opportunity to think outside of the box and develop your own artistic voice.
  • Industry Trends and Insights – Exchanging ideas and being a part of a community expands your world and brings current trends to the forefront, as well as allows an opportunity to share insight on consumer demands.
  • Professional Networking - Classes provide an opportunity for networking and building professional relationships…to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.
  • Personal Growth and Motivation - Sometimes extra fuel for personal growth and motivation is needed to push your boundaries, education provides that.

Let’s create an education revolution in 2024 to cultivate the skills and mindset for our long-term success in today’s competitive world of hairdressing. Education is an investment in your craft with immeasurable returns. Each class, each skill you perfect and each lesson you learn is a dedication to your craft.

Together, lets continue to push the boundaries as we continue to support one another as one collective voice. Use this time to reflect on the journey you have been on and set your intentions for the New Year.

Challenge yourself, attend that one show, class, or workshop that you’ve been tempted by in the pursuit of knowledge and step outside of your comfort zone to learn something to continue your journey of growth and development.

Your progression will continue to be my obsession. I hope to see you at one of the educational events I’ll be at - America’s Beauty Show, International Beauty Show New York, Premier Orlando, The Redken Symposium. And BTW, come up and say hi – I’d love to meet you and hear about your educational journey!

Hugs and success all around you in 2024!

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Originally posted on Modern Salon