OPI Your Way PAINT IT (crème) shades Self Made, Material Gworl, On Another Level. 
 -  Photo: OPI

OPI Your Way PAINT IT (crème) shades Self Made, Material Gworl, On Another Level.

Photo: OPI

The new OPI Your Way collection for Spring 2024 features shimmery and glittery sheer glazes designed to layer over highly-pigmented crèmes.

Color highlights include apricot in both crème and glitter sheer finishes (Apricot AF, gLITter), which have recharging vibes and offer an inclusive alternative to traditional pastels. Cyber lime and turquoise crèmes (Get in Lime, First Class Tix) energize body and mind, while trans-seasonal dark brown, rich caramel, creamy tan, and shiny beige (Material Gworl, Spice Up Your Life, Basic Baddie, Bleached Brows) evoke feelings of warmth. Candy tones of shimmery bubblegum pink, sheer lavender glitter, and bright blue crème, (Bubblegum Glaze, Suga Cookie, *Verified*) have a whimsical, playful energy.

OPI Your Way includes 12 new shades — seven crèmes and five effect sheers — matched in GelColor, Nail Lacquer, and Powder Perfection (six select shades), plus nine new shades — six crèmes and three effect sheers — available in Infinite Shine.

How To Apply OPI Your Way Shades

  1. Paint it: Choose one crème as your foundation or use multiple to make a French tip or create abstract linework.
  2. Glaze it: Layer any sheer glaze over the crème(s). Use more than one for a truly custom look, like a pearlescent glitter ombre.
  3. Name it: For example, Apricot AF paired with Glazed N’ Amused to create Apricot N’ Amused, an entirely new color and name.

"I’m so excited about the OPI Your Way collection because it epitomizes one of the brand’s long-standing beliefs – color is the ultimate tool for self-expression. To get last year’s milky nail trend – Bubble Bunny – consumers creatively combined Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny to create their perfect hue. This collection expands upon that concept, with shades designed for layering, making each combination as unique as its wearer. And it’s not just the colors that can be remixed; each shade name was designed with simplicity in mind so two names can be combined into one, à la Brangelina.”

— Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador

“The collection’s vibrant crème hues act as a foundation for your nails,” added OPI global director of Color Equity Jill Bartoshevich. “Then dazzling, sheer shimmer, pearl, and glitter glazes add a dreamy, mesmerizing touch to the final look. You’ll find the biggest color trends of 2024 in this collection, including apricot in both opaque and glittery sheer finishes, as well as super vivid lime green.”

OPI Your Way shades will be available in GelColor, Nail Lacquer, and Powder Perfection formulas.

Paint It (crèmes):

  • Apricot AF: The “yassification” of apricot. This creamy finish is bright AF.
  • Without a Pout: Pucker up. This hawt pink crème was born to smooch.
  • Material Gworl: A dark brown crème that’s nothin’ but fabulous.
  • Spice Up Your Life: Add a little spice with this rich caramel crème.
  • Buttafly: A soft yellow shimmer that’ll make your heart flutter.
  • $elf Made: Today’s forecast: a 100% chance of $howers thanks to this green crème.
  • *Verified: A bright blue crème that’s verifiably iconic.

Glaze It (sheers):

  • Glazed N’ Amused: Glaze for days with a pearl sheer that can be layered over any color.
  • gLITter: Top off any look with this LIT apricot sheer.
  • Snatch’d Silver: A silver sheer glitter that’ll snatch any color you layer it on.
  • Suga Cookie: Like frosting. Sweeten up any shade with a sheer layer of purple glitter.
  • Gliterally Shimmer: A sparkly yellow sheer topper that’s gliterally everything.

Paint It (crèmes):

  • Bleached Brows: Y2k called and said this shiny beige crème is BACK.
  • Basic Baddie: A basic that’s anything but basic. This creamy tan has extreme shine.
  • On Another Level: A seriously shiny electric pink crème that’s giving main character energy.
  • First Class Tix: A turquoise crème that’s your first class ticket to shiiiiine.
  • Get in Lime: A cyber lime crème everyone will shine up to see.
  • 24 Carrots: Make nails drip in a seriously shiny bright orange crème.

Glaze It (sheers):

  • Glitter Mogul: A glittery sheer topper that’ll make you an instant $uccess.
  • Pearlcore: The world is your oyster when you layer this shiny pearl sheer over color.
  • Bubblegum Glaze: A shimmery bubblegum pink glaze that’ll pop off on top of any shade.

GelColor provides up to three-week wear, while Infinite Shine offers a high-shine finish, traditional lacquer application, and up to 11-days of wear. Nail Lacquer features a highly pigmented formula for even application without streaking. Powder Perfection, a dipping powder system delivering a quick, no-light curing application, offers more than two weeks of wear.

Beginning February 1st, OPI Your Way Nail Lacquers will be available on OPI.com, ULTA, ulta.com and Amazon Beauty via Amazon.com. GelColor and Powder Perfection are in-salon professional services only.

For more information, please visit www.OPI.com.

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