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Q & A: Retail Products

by NAILS Magazine | July 5, 2007

What are you planning on retailing at your salon? Other than nail polish bottles (which are hard to handle and place on shelves for fear of falling and breaking), what else is there to sell in a nail salon? And how does one retail nail polish?



Hi Anna,

Regarding the nail polish, I think having a proper display (that looks good and is stable enough so you don’t have to worry about bottles breaking) and carrying good brands are key to retailing polish. Depending on who your target clientele is, you can select polish brands that are at the right price point and in the appropriate colors. Then, you just recommend specific colors to clients.


As far as other items to retail, keep in mind that all the nail companies make more than just nail polish. Many also offer lotions, scrubs, cuticle oils, and nail treatments. At ROB|B we’ll also be selling skincare products (I’m not sure what brands yet) and possibly make-up.





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