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Rachael Ray Talks Nails

by NAILS Magazine | March 21, 2008

A few weeks ago, Rachael Ray did a segment on nail salon safety. I always cringe when I see a preview for a television piece on salon safety. Since these programs are usually negative, it almost always instills fear in clients and that can’t be good for the industry, right? Well, Rachael Ray brought industry advocate Nancy King in to do some undercover investigations around New York City. She went to several discount salons and what she found was definitely less than sanitary. So just when I thought, “Great, all we need is another scare-the-clients-out-of-the-salon piece,” they came back from the commercial break with some useful tips on what to look for and what to ask for when getting your nails done. I like it when they go beyond just the scare tactics and actually add some useful information to the segment. I was even more surprised when I was looking for the video online and found that they posted Nail Salon Safety tips on the website. (I actually couldn’t find a video link for the piece online anywhere.) Hopefully some of you caught the piece as well. What do you think? Is any press good press? Or does your skin crawl like mine every time you hear nail salon horror stories? Let me know in Feedback.


— Hannah


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