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Absolutely Essential for Work-Life Balance

by NAILS Magazine | September 2, 2008

By and large nail techs score pretty well in the work-life balance department. You consistently cite flexible scheduling as one of the best perks of the profession and according to our last Big Big Book survey, about half of you work 30 or fewer hours per week. Of course, a big chunk of you are also married with kids, making finding time for family and for yourself all the more important.


I recently read an interesting article, 14 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Get Work-Life Balance. Author and executive coach Darryl L. Mobley made a lot of sense. Here are four points that really struck home with me as ways to keep your focus on your true priorities.


• Write down the 100 things you want to do, be, have, or experience during your time on this earth. Dream big. When you finish this list, you will be focused and more energized about each day of your life.


• Decide who you love. Carve out time each day to let that person — or those people — know how you feel about them.


• Do something that you find fun at least once a week.


• Focus on the Important Things In Your Life. What things are you unwilling to die having left undone?


Just for nail techs, I would add one more: Make your appointment book work for you first and your clients second. Setting boundaries and saying no every now and then will make achieving that balance we are all seeking a little bit easier.


— Judy


About the “Work-Life Balance Mastery & Motivation Mastermind” and Darryl L. Mobley. Darryl L. Mobley, the nation’s foremost thought leader on Work-Life Balance, is creator of the Six Steps to Work-Life Balance™ and is founder of the “Work-Life Balance Mastery & Motivation Mastermind” group, which can be found at Darryl is a Work-Life Balance coach, a marketing strategy consultant, an executive coach, a highly sought-after professional speaker & trainer on Work-Life Balance, success, motivation, leadership, parenting and relationships, and an author of several books on personal development. Free subscriptions to Darryl’s Work-Life Balance Newsletter are available at Darryl is a graduate of West Point, a former army officer, a former corporate executive, a successful entrepreneur, a father and a husband.



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