Blueprint of a First Year

Moving, IBS, and More

by NAILS Magazine | July 1, 2009

This month has been very busy for me. I’ve moved shops and am temporarily located with an awesome group of the most encouraging women I’ve ever worked with! They are all excited for me to live out my dream of having my own shop. I’m sure it goes without saying that relocating one more time wasn’t on my list of “Top Ten Things To Do” but it has turned out to be a real blessing.

I went to Las Vegas and worked at the IBS show, which was so much fun. I bought several new products for my salon but the most exciting one is my new gel kit from Nubar. I hope to add gels to my nail menu later this fall. I will be attending a gel class in August during the Northwest Nail Tech Event. I also bought body glitter and intend on offering temporary tattoos using henna and the glitter. While in Vegas I also took the VivKat class and it was amazing! Being able to add gel nails and 3-D art to my menu will put me as the only one in my county to offer these services.

The construction has begun at my house. The first thing we had to do is relocate the entrance, which is almost finished. The construction of my actual salon should start later this week. During all this we’re also going through a little family crisis, but I’ve been reassured that this too shall pass. I'm looking forward to keeping you all updated on the progress over the next few weeks.


—Marie, All Polished Up!, Dallas, Ore.

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