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Call for Entries: Nail Contest for Aussie, NZ Nail Techs

by NAILS Magazine | June 18, 2010

Attention Australian and New Zealand nail techs: it’s your time to shine in an online nail competition just for nail techs Down Under.Hosted by the Aussie Nail Tips Forum, the competition is to create French-style salon nails. (More details below.) Entries will be accepted in three categories: Master, for educators and competition winners (a category that I have the honor of judging); Professional, for techs with more than 12 months of experience (judged by Kylie Sulman of Young Nails Australia; and Novice, for students and techs with less than 12 months of experience (judged by Jan Hogan of Team Spa and a CND Grand Master).


Prizes will be given to the first and second place winners in each category, and the prize sponsors include NAILS Magazine, Lish Nail Creations, Team Spa, Metallic Nails, Young Nails Australia, ProNail Essentials, The Nail Shop, National Salon Supplies, and Fabulous Nails and Beauty Supplies.


To enter, you’ll need to create a classic set of French salon nails (on yourself or on a model) with acrylic liquid and powder or gel.

>To create your French look, you must use half-well natural tips.*

>Translucent pink or clear powder or gel can be used for the nail bed, and white powder or gel can be used for the tips. Any brand of acrylic or gel products is acceptable.

>The nails must be no longer than half the length of the model’s natural nail bed. The final tip shape is your decision.

>You must use one to two pieces of nail art from your kit* on each nail, either embedded or on top of the nail.

>Either a high-shine buff, traditional top coat, or a UV top coat can be used to finish.


*Nail tips and nail art will be supplied for free. Get your free competition kit by e-mailing with your name and postal address. Entrants must be a member of the Nail Tips forum and must reside in Australia or New Zealand.


Once you’ve completed your competition nails, take four photos (at the angles described and pictured below) and e-mail them to by July 31, 2010, making sure to include your name, address, e-mail, phone number, and the category you’re entering:

>1 photo of all 10 fingers

>1 photo of the side view of your nails (to see the nail arch)

>1 Photo of the front view (looking at your C-curve and thickness of nails)

>1 close-up photo that shows your smile lines and nail art placement


All work should be original, and no copyrighted or digitally enhanced photos will be accepted. One entry per technician. Final photos will be displayed on the Nail Tips forum.


The other judges and I will be looking at how the natural nail tips are blended, accurate smile line placement, length and consistency of the nail tips, nail tip arch, the thickness of the nail tips, and neat and accurate placement of product. Good luck!



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