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Am I a Doctor or a Nail Tech?

by NAILS Magazine | August 17, 2010

August 10, 2010

So my blog postings have been sporadic at best these last two weeks. Why, you ask? Because I have been studying like I am in medical school. I’ve been studying carpals, phalanges, the digestive system, the brain, etc.

At first, I was really upset that I had to learn all of this. Biology in high school was OK. I passed it. Having to remember it all now, 10 years later is a bit much.

Now I am really preparing for the test (it’s tomorrow). The more I read the more I understand why we have to know about some of the systems. Everything in the body is connected in one way or the other. As a nail tech, I need to know what connects to what to properly service a client. I also really need to know about the hands, wrists, arms, feet and ankles. These are “focus” points for techs and to really understand how to best service the client, I need to know how and why these work and work together.

Now if I can only understand the nervous system….

Off to study again!

— Maricha

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