Blueprint of a First Year

Journal for Success

by NAILS Magazine | January 18, 2011

Last week the weather changed all of my plans (and everyone else’s in the state of Georgia). We were hit with a snow and ice storm that had everyone homebound for at least three days. (Some people more.) I had a number of activities planned that I’ve now moved to this week.

For a few posts now, I’ve talked about the salon newspaper ad (shown) and it was finally in the paper — it looked awesome! I also started a business journal. In it I list my to-do list, goals, and plans for the salon. It feels good to get the information from my brain onto paper. Every day I am coming up with ways to stand out to clients.

You would think that with something like a nail salon that everyone is your target market. Well I am here to tell you that you may want to rethink that process. For marketing and advertising purposes you may want to sit down and decide: Who am I marketing to? Who do I want my ads to attract? Where are they located? What do they do for a living? This will help bring your ideas for ads to life. It also helps you decide in which newspapers, magazines, and other media sources you should place an ad. Without a plan you could easily waste money and time trying to appeal to the masses. Starting small may be all you need to start the process.

The Society of Nail Techs has been getting a lot of response from fellow nail techs. It is exciting to network with other members of my craft. Until next time I wish you nail success!

—Alica, Upscale Nail Bar & Boutique, Griffin, Ga.

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