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Week 6: Creative Artist

by NAILS Magazine | February 11, 2011

This week has been a short week because of a death in the family. I was with family for most of the week, then finally it was a long day with the funeral and being there as a support shield. I did attend class as much as possible because I have to finish school and take the state board test by the end of March.

This week was the easiest so far, and many other students felt the same way. I thought nail art would be a fun and exciting chapter, but I was a bit disappointed. Most nail techs find that nail art is one of their favorite things to do, but, to be honest, I think it’s not something that a lot of women get. I never had art done on my nails. I always stayed with the French manicure, which allowed me to have clean, groomed hands that went with all of my outfits from working in the corporate world to evenings out with friends and family. I only recently started jazzing my nails up since I’m learning and practicing on myself.

Over the weekend, I practiced on the sculpted nails and actually went out and bought different types of powders to try. I know each brand is a bit different, and I have found one that I’ve fallen for. I also ended up going to the local Twin Cities Nail Supply store and bought things to use because at home, like a student in college who needs a desk and computer, I felt like I needed a manicure station and things of that nature so that I could "study" at home. I loved the supply store. I bought more nippers, a vital tool. They are pretty neat, if I say so myself. They are colorful, adding some color into my world, and made of titanium so that they last longer. I am slowly building up my personal nail supply.

I worked on my acrylics in class on Tuesday, I practiced some nail art, which was nice, but like I said I don’t think it is a vital to perfect the nail art when the demand is for manicures, sculpts, and so forth. Knowing the basics is pretty much what you need.  Wednesday was a pretty good day because we worked on clients and I got my first tip (for a manicure)! It was pretty exciting actually. We ended up finishing up the chapter on acrylics, which seemed to take forever. I took the test and I ended up getting a 93% on it!

On Thursday (it was -12 degrees outside) I did not attend school because I had to attend the funeral. I am looking forward to being back in school  to get the creative nail chapter over with and move on to another chapter. I wish that we could group and do two chapters a week, so my focus is strong and current. I have to finish by the end of March to take the boards, and I feel like I’m not going to make it. From this point forward I will not be able to miss school.

I can't wait to find out what I will be learning next week. I have also started learning anatomy and reviewing it when I’ve finished my chapters and am waiting to get my next assignment or work.

Photo: This is a nail design I wanted to show with the Valentines theme. The funny thing is, the textbook tells you to make the hearts one way, but through error and advice, I have learned an easier way.

— Susan

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