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ABS 2011: Minx Tips & Tricks

by NAILS Magazine | March 13, 2011

NAILS FingernailFixer blogger Holly Schippers (right) needed some advice on how to get Minx Nail Coatings to work for her (especially on how to mold them to fit her curved nails) and was able to get some pointers from salon owner and Minx educator Naja Rickette (left). Holly asked me if she could practice on some of my nails, and I was thrilled to oblige.

Some pointers from Naja:
> The coatings need to be warm, so that they're "soft and floppy" when you apply them. That means you should have a spare set of Minx coatings on hand so you can size the client's nails, while the coatings you're actually going to use on the client are warming under the Minx heat lamp. The coatings should stay under the heat source for at least 10 minutes before you attempt to apply them.
> Use pressure with your thumb pad to firm them into place. Don't be dainty here. Be especially sure to press your thumb to the edge of the nail, where otherwise the edges may tend to lift.
>  Manage your clients' expectations by letting her know that Minx on the fingernails will last about five to eight days. This is not intended to be a two-week manicure.
> Give your clients' "double duty" nails. First apply a gel-polish like Shellac, then apply Minx over them (making sure to charge accordingly for the double service). Now, your client has "party nails" for her night out, then can remove them herself for a more demure look during the workweek.

Here are my Minx toenails. Holly did a great job for a Minx beginner!


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