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Run for the Roses — Catherine Wong's Fantasy Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | June 14, 2011
I bumped into veteran nail art competitor Catherine Wong and her good friend Gina Silvestro in the middle of the show floor. Gina was Catherine's hand model for the Fantasy Nail Art competition and, with my luck, still had on Cat's Kentucky Derby-themed creation. We later found out that she placed first in her category. Congratulations, Catherine!

To further cater to the theme, "Run for the Roses," when Gina flips her hands and holds her fingers together, the 3-D nail art becomes a bouquet of flowers:

Akzéntz educator Jessica Hoel had some fun interviewing Catherine on how she came up with the details in her Derby-themed nail art. I never realized how much research and planning is involved in creating an award-winning design. It then took her 10 days to sculpt the nails.

She even sculpted an image of Gina into her design.

— Kim
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