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Oooh Snap! First Half Down...Catching Up With Marti

by NAILS Magazine | June 29, 2011

The past month of nail technology school has been so stressful and very hard to juggle school, studies, and time with my daughter. I begged and felt so confident to hit the salon floor after watching all the demos, little did I know that I was getting thrown out there the next day after my last blog and I freaked! I felt nervous and not prepared. It was as if I was scared of the public; that's not like me at all. I am that person who is not frightened of the public, but when performing a service on a client it all changes. I became more critical of myself and felt like I could not do it. I had to and I did it and did it well. After that initial plunge it was a piece of cake.

My only complaint is that the state of Indiana does not require gloves to be worn in the salon when handling clients; therefore gloves are not permitted at my school. This infuriates me especially after Chapter 5 Infection Control: Principles and Practices. How can I get my school to allow the use of gloves for universal precautions?

So far all of my clients have rescheduled and even give me tips. Last week I gave a hot oil manicure to an 8-year-old princess that was handing over her crown. She loved it and she and her mother are on my list now. I love people and love to make them feel happy and beautiful! Theory was a breeze in the beginning. I spoke of infection control — it was hard but nothing compared to anatomy. In fact, infection control made me want to take the universal precautions and make good use of non-latex gloves in the salon.

For anatomy, I found out I have to learn in two weeks what the cosmetology students learn in 11 months; I will be tested two times. My first anatomy test I got 98% — big sigh. Just ask me any bone or muscle or nerve. My school teaches you the basics when it comes to practical. The art and fun nails (stiletto nails ) are up to me to learn myself using the basic techniques taught and I have done just that! Check out my pictures below and see if you can tell what I've taught myself. Please wish me luck through the second half of my schooling. I hear the material gets more challenging than anatomy. I can and will make this my success story. SNAP!

This was my fist attempt using absolute acrylic to create a sculptured stiletto nail.

Here's my second attempt. Both times I used OPI Absolute acrylic.

Here's my first set of gel nails.

Here is my first attempt at nail art.

My instructor, Miss Bethany, allowed me to try a gel nail on her with colored glitter.

— Marti

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