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Helping My Mom Grow Strong Natural Nails

by NAILS Magazine | October 3, 2011

I’m so elated that my end is near but I’m also a little sad to be done with this blog. Congratulations to LaTia, the new girl on the block, I hope you love nails because you are about to eat, sleep, and dream all about them. The reward is wonderful once you grab your talent and run! Best of luck and enjoy the fun. 

This week I chose to show you how CND Shellac works well on natural nails, allowing the nail plate to grow out. My mother is 68 and she has the typical eggshell nails that are dry, brittle, with lengthwise ridges. On August 10, I manicured her nails (that also always split along the side walls) and applied CND base coat, two coats of CND Tutti Frutti and then of course the CND top coat.

The picture above illustrates how well this product works. My mother’s nails are now long and strong with a nice free edge. She has never had nails with length and now she does — and they are her own nails.

Theory in the last week has been very easy. We went over the chapter for manicuring and electric filing and I got 100% on both exams again. I'm so relieved that theory actually got easier. Have a great week everyone. I’m going to do some Halloween nails next week. SNAP to Freddy Kruger and to CND for Shellac.

— Marti

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