Blueprint of a First Year

Neighbor from The Twilight Zone

by NAILS Magazine | April 19, 2012

I'm not going to go into great detail, but, prior to my taking over the space, there was a woman doing hair braiding who was trying to open a cell phone and variety shop. To make a long story short, she wouldn't move her stuff out of my space....Wowza!. Being the peaceful person that I am, I bargained with her.

She was concerned that because she was in the back that no one would see her. I said we can share the storefront window (words only)! She had all these pictures and stuff everywhere, and I told her they needed to do go. After her fussing and after I contacted the management, they were moved. I'm giving you the short of the deal...because she did take me out of my sweet character for 25 minutes! But all is well, and above are some before and after photos.

--Chauna, Bmore Polished Lash & Nail Bar, Baltimore

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