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Catching Up With Starr: In The Beginning

by NAILS Magazine | May 14, 2012

When I started school at the end of 2011, my first day of school was nerve racking. It had been quite some time since I’d been in school and I didn’t know what to expect. Sure enough when I got there the other students were taking an exam and I just got thrown into the mix. I did learn that after you complete 15 hours you can begin working on clients, which meant that in two days I would be on the floor. I also learned that the school followed the public school system schedule, which means school is closed for the last two weeks of December. I had a big week ahead of me. When my 15 hours were up, I took the manicuring and pedicuring exams and received my kit.

Our kits came with Hand and Nail Harmony acrylic system, INM Wrapped in Glass fiberglass/silk wrap system, files, buffers, mannequin hand and fingers, #8 acrylic brush, dappen dishes and the polish trio (red polish and top and base coat). I was able to complete two manicures and two pedicures before Christmas break.

The state board arrived at the school in January with new rules. The biggest one: You now needed 60 hours to work on clients. So back to the classroom I go. I was so frustrated, especially since there was a party coming in with ladies who had booked spa manicures and pedicures. I had been practicing how to perform those services and now I had to watch the other students from the classroom. In the meantime, I kept practicing manicures and pedicures. I was struggling a little with filing. I’m always so afraid that I’ll mess it up or accidentally scratch someone.

I got my 60 hours finally and was able to get back out on the floor! I was excited and terrified. I was so scared about messing up that it was affecting my time. I got assigned a client who came in and requested a manicure with gel-polish. I smiled on the outside, but paniced on the inside. I hadn’t practiced with gel polish yet so it was my first time. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I forgot to clean up a little before curing, but I knew better for the next time.

Rob the Nail Man from Nailogics, came and taught a gel class. I hadn’t worked with gel yet but he makes it look easy. The Nailogics gel is in a bottle instead of a pot. I think I like it better, but I’m still trying to learn how to work gel in a pot. Their -olish has a base/top coat and it lasts forever. I tried some in class and wore it for three weeks before I just had to take it off and try something new.

Manicure with gel-polish

Gel overlay with gel-polish

So far I have done manicures, pedicures, gel-polish, gel full sets, and gel overlays. Aside from on the mannequin hands I haven’t done a full set of acrylics yet but I can’t wait.

— Starr

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