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The End Is In Sight

by NAILS Magazine | July 3, 2012

I now have under a 100 hours left to complete my program. Only 6 pedicures, 2 finals and about 4 weeks stand between me and graduation. I am so excited!

We had a new group of students start last week. As I passed through the freshman classroom, I recognized that same look of sheer nerves I had a few months ago. I remember being so freaked out in the beginning trying to learn terms and procedures. And even though I still have my moments I’m learning to get myself together and not show the clients my frustrations.

When I first began school, I probably asked the senior students a million questions. When they graduated I wondered what I would do without them. The other day I found myself at my station with a couple of ladies watching my acrylic application. I couldn’t help but smile because a few months ago, applying acrylic or even showing someone how was just a thought. Now here I am a few weeks away from achieving my dream.

My instructor was out this week, so we were able to create our own projects. I did some acrylic nails with Fourth of July holiday-inspired nail art. I am most proud of my acrylic application. It isn’t as thick as when I first started. I’m still looking for an awesome acrylic brush. But, it is pretty amazing what you can achieve with dedication and practice.

— Starr

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