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Is Nail Art an Art Form or a Craft?

by NAILS Magazine | July 11, 2012

The latest episode of PBS Arts’ weekly web series, “Idea Channel,” takes a look at something close to our hearts — nail art. According to host Mike Rugnetta, nail art can actually be viewed as an argument in the continuing battle between art and craft.

He delves into the idea that a craft is something that is a more functional creative pursuit versus loftier serious ideas that would constitute art. He says it could be argued that nail art takes the painting of nails well beyond any kind of function (craft) and brings it to a level of artistry.

I love how he compares nail art to fashion. The goal with haute couture fashion (and nail art, he argues) is to express, invoke, and inspire. And he compares fingernails to tiny little canvases. He poses this question: Does nail art prove that anything can be a canvas for artistic expression?

What do you think? Is nail art a form of craft or art? Leave us a message in the comments section.

— Hannah

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