Blueprint of a First Year

4 Tips for Opening a Nail Salon

by NAILS Magazine | April 10, 2013

Reflecting back over the last year, it amazes us how much we have accomplished with a tiny budget. Not once have we regretted opening Polish Salon, and the future is starting to look good because we are beginning to see the benefits pay off. Opening a salon is hard and you have to be patient. I figured it would be the better part of two years before we all are making a decent living and that looks like a goal we are going to reach.

For anyone thinking about opening a salon here is some advice.
1. Do it small if you do not have a budget or do it big if you do. The in between is always going to be a struggle. Our goal was to spend what it would cost the three of us to be renting stations in someone else’s salon.
2. Assign responsibilities depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each person involved. For instance, Kim is extremely crafty and creative so we leave the decor up to her. Nat is good with keeping up with paperwork such as client cards, expense sheets, etc. Me, I do the marketing. So the tasks are shared and we don’t get frustrated with each other waiting for someone to do something they are not good at.
3. Do a budget and prioritize so what money you do have is not wasted. This has been the saving grace of building the salon as we go. But the best part is we are not in debt and our clients have enjoyed watching us blossom with new things for the salon every time they come in.
4. Know that it is attainable, even if it is just you. Many tech friends of mine have aspired to open their own salons and never do because they think it is overwhelming. A small one-tech salon can be done easily, and don’t we all want that perfect environment that is stress free -- the creative space you always have dreamed about and all yours? Then do it.

Were in the throws of planning our 1st birthday party for Polish Salon. My next and last post will be all about how we close out our first year in business -- successfully I might add!

--Vicki, Polish Salon, Brea, Calif.
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