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Kendra's First Week

by NAILS Magazine | October 25, 2013

I started my first week of school on Monday and it was awesome. There were a total of nine students, including myself. The first part of the morning we went over school rules and what the school expects of us. Then we got our kits. It was like Christmas for all of us. Some of us did not receive everything we were supposed to have. But we should get it all next week. After we did our check list, we met our teacher and were sent to class.

I did not expect homework on the first day of school, but we got it. We also had theory (a lot of information just on the first day). We learned about nail structure and what we needed to highlight in our books for the test we had the next day. After theory we watched a demo on a spa manicure and then we had to pair up and perform the manicures.

On our 2nd day of class we had theory again and then we took our test. I was a little disappointed about my test. We have these little gadgets that look like a calculator, and that is how we answer questions in theory on a test. No new students were taught on how to use them. I was trying to figure it out and it messed me up and messed my test up. After our test we continued manicures for the rest of the day.

The 3rd day of school, we watched a demo on Shellac and on spa pedicures. All the students paired up and performed the services. A lot of the students were grossed out because they had to touch feet. But I didn't mind. I feel pedicures are a big money maker in the industry. Later on, while I was cleaning up after my manicure, my teacher came up and asked me to put nail art on her nails. I was super nervous and couldn't stop shaking. But I did it! I felt really good about myself after that.

Currently we are combined with the Cosmetology students, since they are on their two-week course of nails. So all the nail students are doing a crash course before we head into our own classroom. Personally I don't like that. With us all combined there are about 30 students. I feel that a lot of the students are being overlooked. I keep telling myself just one more week and then we will be where we are supposed to be.

Next week we have a test on Monday on manicures and pedicures and a huge homework packet to turn in. I honestly can't wait for Monday to come.

— Kendra

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