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Negative Space Nail Art at ISSE 2014

by NAILS Magazine | January 28, 2014

As always, we all brought home handfuls of different manicures from ISSE Long Beach 2014! But what jumped out at me was the overwhelming amount of negative space nail art I saw. Five out of my six fingers that received demonstrations at the show are rocking some sort of nail art that exposes the natural nail. (My middle finger once donned a slender pink French tip, but it fell off last night as we were packing up our booth.)

On my pinky, you can see dotted decals, while my index finger has a gold foil applique. Both are new Dashing Diva products applied by nail tech Ashley Van. My ring finger features a painted gel design with hand-placed glitter from Ann Nguyen, a Christrio educator. Finally, my thumb has some super cute Valentine's Day nail art, perfect for the coming month, which was thought up and executed by OPI guest artist Adela Munoz. Earlier that day, Munoz was also practicing her portraiture nail art with tattoo, fine, and nail artist Vu Nguyen, who was also demoing for OPI on the show floor.

   Ashley Van at ISSE Long Beach 2014's Dashing Diva booth.

   Van's nail art featuring Dashing Diva's new glitter tips.

   Adela Munoz at the OPI booth.

   Portrait nail art by Munoz and Vu Nguyen.

— Brittni
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