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Update: I finished school!

by Jessica | April 28, 2014

My last day of the nail spa program at Bellus Academy was April 4. The following day, I was able to do a “spend-a-day” at a high-end salon in downtown San Diego, VaVa Varnish.

I knew the moment I walked in that this was my kind of place!

This place has a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. They don’t have your typical manicure tables and pedicure spa chairs lined up against the walls. Instead, they are set up to feel as though you are at home in your own comfortable chair. The nails techs offer their clients a drink and have their own work stations roll up to the clients. Pedicures are also performed in these chairs, where the techs bring their one-time-use, lined bowls to the clients. Finally — a place that isn't noisy, dirty, or trying to do the bare minimum to make room for other customers! The women here are all so talented, and continuing education is big at VaVa Varnish.

I was only there to observe what it was like to work in a professional salon setting, but the staff made me feel as though I was part of their team. In fact, I was given an opportunity to go through their three-step interview process…and I was hired!

My state board is next week on May 5. Until I have my license in my hand, I will be going in for some training so that by next week I will be ready to get started!

It’s funny how many years I wasted trying to convince myself that this wasn’t what I really wanted, and at the same time, having no luck finding anything fulfilling or anyone to hire me. But the minute I decided to go for it, so many opportunities have been coming my way.

Va-Va Varnish in San Diego, Calif

Va-Va Varnish in San Diego, Calif

— Jessica

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