Maggie Rants [and Raves]

House Call from Oregon!

by Maggie Franklin | July 18, 2014

As we speak — not that we’re technically “speaking” but you know what I mean — two of my bestest nail buddies are headed toward me.

I like to think they just really wanted to visit with me, but I’ve made a big deal about not being able to make it up to the Portland, Ore., area for gel classes twice now, so I think they’re bringing the gel to me.

Which is good. I could use the tutorial and it’ll make their trip tax deductible.

They get to stay with the BF and me, which means that we’ve spent the last few weeks trying to make the house look like we’ve actually moved into it. We put curtains up in the spare bedroom (which faces the street) and we even installed a shower curtain in the spare bathroom — and figured out how the shower works in there.

Yup. Just over four years in our house, and we had no clue how the shower worked. I mean, it’s a simple doodad that you pull up to switch the water flow over to the shower. But it didn’t really work the way it ought to... we found a random screw in the pipe. Go figure. But now we are confident that we have a working shower in the guest bathroom.

We don’t have company very often. Can you tell?

In fact, I’ve been so busy trying to make sure that houseguests won’t be appalled by the way I live, I’ve completely ignored the salon — which could use a good moving of furniture to vacuum underneath, and is more cluttered than I’d like, but I figure if it’s acceptable for clients and potential state inspectors — I should be comfortable with a visit from a couple of fellow nail nerds.

I’m pretty excited. Maybe I can talk them into moving here and working with me. That’d be awesome!

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