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Week Five: Pedicures and Publicity

by Tisha Allen | September 29, 2014

I received my very first pedicure in class, and it wasn’t your basic pedicure — it was a very soothing CND Marine Spa Pedicure. This week we focused a lot on spa manicures and pedicures using CND Spa Manicure Almond Milk Bath, AHA Sea Scrub, and Marine Scrub and Mask. I was happy I volunteered to be the lucky demonstration model. After performing a basic pedicure, the AHA Sea Scrub was applied, followed by the Marine Mask, then my feet were wrapped in a hot towel for a few minutes. How relaxing! In my opinion, the mask and hot towel were the best part and very therapeutic. After such a relaxing experience, I can certainly say the “spa” aspect of a mani-pedi service is definitely one I will use as a potential upgrade for my future clients.

This week I was so surprised when my instructor asked me to do her nails, as she would be attending a wedding over the weekend. I could not believe she trusted me, a student, to do them for her. This was very nerve wracking — trying to follow all of the steps that where taught the weeks before, battling the feelings of nervousness while using the file. Do I remove the shine first or shape the nail? Am I filing too hard? What direction should I file the nail plate again? All of these concerns raced through my head as I battled extreme nervousness. But I held my composure and suppressed those jitters, and in the end my instructor, Mrs. Susana, loved her nails. I gave her acrylic sculpted nails using Tammy Taylor nail forms that she gave me to sample.

And finally, my week, or weekend rather, ended with a bang! I was contacted via Instagram by the CEO/ host of Nail Talk Radio, Athena Elliot, and invited to call into the show on Sunday evening to be a guest. The experience was fantastic, and I was so nervous! This weekend’s co-host was the popular nail artist and YouTuber Robin Moses of Robin Moses Nail Art. I was asked about my experience in nail school; I shared what I like doing most in class, and we talked about using PR to promote yourself. I was even left with some awesome advice from Robin on how to gain more clients who are into nail art — much different from their counterparts who prefer plain polish or simple French. You can listen to the show here.

Until next week,

— Tisha

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