Close Up on Improvements

by Holly Schippers | December 2, 2014

I was very grateful to do the cover of NAILS Magazine a couple of years ago, however in spite of that excitement, I was a bit disheartened at how every mistake in my work was so glaringly obvious in the close up photo.

Having read posts and comments where techs shredded the nails on covers, ads, etc. it was pretty daunting to share the pride in having done a cover. Thankfully, I’m not too proud to continue to learn and was absolutely ecstatic to see the improvement in my work from two years ago to the recent November cover.

How have you spotted improvements in your own work? Did you share them with clients or fellow professionals? Should there be another cover in my future someday, I hope to wow you by continuing to work hard and practice! Thanks for letting me share and for growing along the nail journey with me.

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