Maggie Rants [and Raves]

Take Your Vitamins

by Maggie Franklin | December 15, 2014

We left after work on Thursday. We weren’t supposed to get home until sometime today, but we came home a day early. Doesn’t matter — I don’t get to go back to work until Wednesday.

What happened? I have strep throat.

Yay (said in an unconvincing tone while wincing).

I know I keep talking about how busy I’ve been and I don’t multitask well on an ordinary day, but I haven’t been doing my all to make sure my immune system makes it through the holidays.

The family went to Disneyland. This was one of those plan-for-a-year type trips. As of last week, I already didn’t have my head in the game. It didn’t matter that we’d had the trip planned for so long. I really didn’t have time to take off two days of work for a family outing. All I could focus on was the bad timing. I really needed those two extra days to devote to clients. But it had been written in stone and I made it happen.

Disneyland was great. We managed to time our trip well — with a rainy day on Friday that meant crowd levels at an all-time low. The rest of the weekend was sunny and warm and full of people.

Maybe I can blame the Big D, but I suspect my eldest niece was carrying it with her from school. All I know is that my niece got a trip to the ER as soon as she returned home and is now relaxing with a case of strep throat and a pocketful of antibiotics.

Guess who else came home with a sore throat? Not just a sore throat either. No, I have do things right. I am dizzy. The kind of dizzy that is making me walk into walls. I can’t stand up without hanging on to something. It’s affecting my ears. Yay, antibiotics. So much fun.

I was so excited to come home a day early. I thought I would hide in my house and try to get some projects done. You know, like blog posts! So I would be caught up before going back to work on Tuesday.

No deal. I am spending my day desperately texting tomorrow’s clients to let them know I won’t be back at work for another day, giving the antibiotics a chance to take hold, and making sure I’m not contagious. And, hopefully, clearing up the dizzy.

I’m just glad there’s such a thing as texting now. Otherwise, someone else would have to make my phone calls for me — there’s no hope for talking.

This business means holding hands and talking face to face with a lot of people. Take your vitamins! This time of year it’s easy to get worn down and that’s when stuff like this will sneak up on you.

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