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Mani Monday: Ombre Honeycomb Nail Art

by Sigourney Nuñez | April 13, 2015
Nail tech Mary Wolf photo via Instagram

Nail tech Mary Wolf photo via Instagram 

Los Angeles-based nail tech Mary Wolf says she loves nail art that calls for geometric patterns. “Painting them allows the opportunity for a lot of practice and repetition,” she says. When it comes to practicing hand painted intricate designs, Wolf recommends light brush strokes with a little bit of paint on it and a steady hand by anchoring it with the pinky.  Follow these steps to create a honeycomb pattern over a gradient.

1. Create an ombre effect as the base. Paint two coats of base color. Wolf suggests starting with a darker color first then lightly blend a lighter color at the tip of the nail. Cure between coats to create dimension.

2. Find a starting point at the top and center of the nail to begin painting the honeycomb pattern. Use a short and very thin brush and paint a hexagon. Wolf suggests looking at the shape as a house.  Paint two diagonal lines on the top and bottom as though it has two roofs in order to create symmetry and consistency for the rest of the pattern.

3. Once you’re satisfied with the fist shape, paint a row of hexagons on the top of the nail. If you’re using gel, cure the nail after each shape is painted to avoid smudging.

4. Cover the entire nail with the honeycomb pattern.  

5. Once the entire nail is painted with the honeycomb pattern and it’s cured, paint over the pattern about halfway down to thicken the lines. Cure and repeat until you reach the tip of the nail to create an ombre effect on the pattern. Add top coat and cure.

For more designs from Wolf, make sure you check her out on Instagram @nail_wolf

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