Nail Display Contest Questions Answered

by Holly Schippers | February 5, 2016

The display contest has certainly been generating some great buzz! It seems to have also conjured up some questions that beg clarification. The idea behind the contest is for you to create a clever display using seven to thirty Colorpops. They can be solid colors or decorated with nail styles, it is your personal preference. The display should have a theme whether it be a season, a holiday, etc. Think outside the box of simply placing them in a holder, or at least decorate the holder in some way. An example would be to polish the tips with some Easter colors, do some designs on a few and show the newest colors on some as well. Then once the tips are finished, tie some small bows on the sticks and using a piece of foam, stand them up in an Easter basket that has a layer of shiny tinsel or “grass”. Does this help things make more sense? Have fun creating and don’t forget the grand prize will have a $200 retail value! To read the contest rules, click here. Good luck! 

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