Nails Done Right

by Holly Schippers | March 10, 2016

Something we commonly hear about is how this, that or the other product ruined someone’s nails. It makes me cringe and it makes me mad. Why should good products keep getting a bad rep for user error? How can we change this mindset? What about a viral grass roots campaign in which salons and nail professionals start sharing photos of the undamaged nails of their regular guests!?

This post from Akzéntz educator and Crystal Culture co-creator Gina Silvestro really got me thinking.

If you can’t read the Facebook post in the photo, here’s what it says:

"My very first customer ever Susan has been a loyal and beloved  customer of mine every 3 weeks for over 26 years. In all that time, she has NEVER ever removed her nails. Her doctor advised her to remove  everything from her nails prior to having surgery, so I carefully  e-filed all the product off. She was thrilled to see how healthy and strong her natural nails were after all this time!! Proof that with proper application, conscientious maintenance and high quality professional products you can wear nail enhancements for years and years- without letting them "breathe" lol everyone please say a little  prayer for Susan to have a successful surgery and fast & easy recovery.. So we can hurry up and get her gorgeous nails back on!  love you Susan!! Xoxo #nails #gelnails #qualitynailproducts #akzentz #ilovemyjob"

We should choose and use a few common hashtags for these specific posts. How do you feel about the following?

  • #nailtruth
  • #qualitynailproducts
  • #nailsdoneright
  • #naturalnailgoals 


Learning how to do nails without damaging them is something we all aspire to after school. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t caused accidental or unintentional damage until they were taught how not to. Heck, if you remember the blog from a year or two ago, I’m still learning how to keep the natural nail healthy and accept when the nails have been imperfect due to something I was doing, then make changes.  Let’s show the world our pride as educated nail professionals and flood social media with healthy nails!!

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