2016 Revisited: My Rollercoaster Ride of a Year

by Holly Schippers | December 30, 2016 | Bookmark +

<p>My first Beautiful Moment experience, Birmingham in October</p>

I can hardly believe it’s time for a year in review already! This has been a roller coaster ride that felt like I was thrown off the ride into the water below a few times. The good thing about roller coasters is that while they may go down there are also ups. I’m thankful to have survived this year and appreciate those who made it possible — XO.

<p>Learning from Doug Schoon at Premiere Orlando, June</p>

2016 began on a high with an exciting training with CND followed by ISSE Long Beach. It was exciting to give the nail professionals a voice at the Nail Manufacturers Council meeting. I’m looking forward to seeing the progressive changes at this year’s show. As many of you did, my #BFFmel and I attended the Wildflowers Nail Academy Nail Art Boot Camp with Lauren Wireman. She is a wonderful instructor who broke things down so that even I could understand them!

<p>Talking nails in the Nail Spot at ISSE, January</p>

February through May brought about a move and some extreme changes, and I had the opportunity to experience searching for a salon job. It was eye-opening and disheartening at the same time. So many salons feel that they do not need education, some have never heard of NAILS Magazine, and a lot were too dirty to even leave a resume with. I ended up working retail at a clothing chain which was hard work, albeit a great learning experience. I have a better understanding of how nails and color theory tie into fashion. I also have a deeper appreciation for working in the salon and setting pricing that reflects the value of my time, education, and dedication. Fortunately, after more change, a tragic loss, lots of self-reflection, and another drastic move, my clients were willing to take me back and I settled back into my home salon once again. I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of clients.

<p>#naileyes in New Orleans, January</p>

The Premiere Orlando show was full of high-energy nail vibes per usual with the addition of the beginning of the effort to unify our industry. There shouldn’t be an “us” or “them.”  We are all judged the same by the consumer and if they have a poor experience, it reflects on us all. Education is needed in all salons not just certain price points or race types. A great example is a super fancy salon I applied to work at where the owner and spa manager were nail techs, yet they felt that education was not needed once you got out of school. They felt that anything an employee needed to know they could teach them. They also prided themselves on offering “the solar nail” with a wink and a smile. We have to move past pointing fingers and come together to spread nail truths.

<p>Nail Art Bootcamp, February</p>

One of my career highlights for 2016 was making it onto Team CND. This was a goal that I had not set in the beginning of my career, however I had begun to work towards it the last few years. It’s an opportunity to continue my dream of spreading education and elevating our industry as a whole.  Thank you to everyone who has believed in me along the way and encouraged me to continue to reach higher!

<p>Nail camp, October</p>

Summer was full of private classes and reaching out to the Midwestern salons interested in education. Everything has to begin at home so working towards educating those in my region became a priority. Fall brought #nailcamp and some fun with friends. Networking events are a great way to keep your passion for nails rejuvenated and your ideas refreshed.

<p>Heading out after classroom set-up in Orlando, June</p>

My final trip of the year was to the PBA Executive Summit, which was a fascinating learning experience that I hope to grow from. Keep an eye on the blog in January for some suggestions for surviving the digital disruption. You might have gotten a sneak peek if you were following my Instagram while I was there!

<p>One of my idols, Cyndy Drummey, was also at the PBA Summit, November</p>

I’m ready to bring 2016 to a close and welcome 2017 with a fresh point of view, new ideas, and continued passion for you, my fellow nail professionals. Happy New Year!

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