Week 2 Social Media Post: Single-Use Implements

by Holly Schippers | March 8, 2017

As promised, here is the social media post for week 2. Not all salon guests realize that some things should be one time use only. They either don’t notice the item is being used multiple times on multiple people, don’t care, or are simply unaware it is unsanitary. That said, for this week we are going to let them know that orangewood/birchwood sticks are disposable one-time-use tools that they should be seeing tossed into the trash.

Here’s a caption you can post along with the image above:

Did you know that the wooden stick used in your manicure or pedicure is a ONE-TIME-use disposable item that you should be seeing get tossed in the trash at the end of your appointment? Whether it is long or short, orangewood or birchwood, it is not disinfectable and therefore must be disposed of after use on ONE salon guest. #IAMLICENSED

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