Remembering Debbie

by Holly Schippers | June 12, 2017

My heart is so heavy. Debbie Doerrlamm was one of the most influential people in my nail career. BeautyTech is where I found Vicki Peters and Nikki Birch who answered any question I gave them and never made me feel stupid for asking. Debbie worked tirelessly to create an online community for nail professionals that made me feel like I wasn't alone in struggling to be better.

She organized AOL chats, also answered questions, and kept my passion for nails going in the darkest days when I thought I would never learn enough to be any good. She made me want to pay it forward in helping others in person and online, and has left a legacy of selfless service to others.

RIP my beloved Debbie. I hope you're having an amazing time with your darling husband and the rest of our nail friends that went before you.

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