My Nail Art Nemesis: Stone-Look Designs

by Holly Schippers | August 1, 2018

For me the biggest challenge in the last year or so has been stone/rock nails. They look so easy in the videos — you just doodle the lines, smudge them a little, and poof, cool-looking nails. Yet I always seem to overthink the lines. I end up with too many or too much smudging and a big smeared mess that frustrates me no end.

Sometimes the trick is a class or a private lesson. There have been many things nails that I needed to learn that way. Having someone teach you, then watch you, is an invaluable help when learning. Sometimes the trick is tools. We have a world of tools at our hands to make nail fashions achievable by any professional.

Thankfully for me, there is a cool stamping plate for the lines in stone and rock nails that saved my sad skills. Now I am absolutely obsessed with this prized possession! What are your tips and tricks for achieving the rock/stone/marble nails? What are your favorite tools that help you conquer your design challenges?

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You can get the ProFiles BackStage Marble Layers stamping plate here.


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