PodoSafe was designed to be safe for nail techs and clients. It eliminates the need to use water or sharp tools when treating calluses and removing cuticle. It only interacts with dead skin cells and will not affect living tissue.

1. Sanitize the feet. Look at the dry foot and determine areas to be treated. Spray PodoSafe into a cotton sheet until it is fully saturated and place it over the treatment area. Repeat as needed for other areas. There is no need to apply it to the entire foot unless the whole area needs to be treated.

2. Use plastic wrap to hold the cotton in place and allow it to penetrate for about 10 minutes. PodoSafe works faster on warmer feet, but you should allow only the natural body temperature to react with the product. There will not be any skin damage if you leave it on longer.

3. While the foot is soaking, use PodoSafe to remove cuticle. Apply it to all toes and start removing cuticle immediately. Reapply as often as needed in order to always work with a wet or moist area. It will not be as effective once it dries.

4. When done soaking, gently use a metal spatula to rub off calluses.

5. Once all the jelly substance comes off, use a foot file to gently remove any remaining callus.



6. Rinse off with water spray, or soak the feet in water if desired. Apply a skin hydrator and massage the feet. Feet with normal calluses should now feel soft and rejuvenated. For heavy calluses, please allow one week before next treatment.

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