The beginning of the year can be a slow time as holiday parties are in the rearview mirror and the credit card bills start to arrive. It’s not uncommon for nail techs to feel letdown as the adrenaline from the holiday season fades (along with the sugar high) and life goes back to the same old same old. Below you’ll find eight tips to help you feel reinvigorated and excited about the coming year.

1. Make sure you treat yourself to a little pampering — self-care will help you feel revitalized. Why not try swapping services with another beauty professional, perhaps trading a nail service for a massage or a spa service?

2. Use the time to plan ahead. Get a nice new diary for the year and plan out an annual social media and promotions calendar. How about a twofer deal for Valentine’s Day or free pink ribbon nail art for breast cancer awareness month? You might create some content now that you can post on social media later.

3. Pick up a new skill or technique. You could enroll in an in-person class or learn online. Try perfecting a new nail art skill you haven’t mastered, like candy balls or one-stroke, or go for something totally different that could help you in the salon, like photography, interior design, or stress management.

4. Refresh your workstation — or the entire salon. Add a fresh coat of paint or some wallpaper, update your chairs, get some new fun cushions, add a pop of color with some potted plants or bright accessories, and have fun making some new nail tips to mount and display.

5. Organize and declutter the salon. Throw out old magazines, remove items you never use that take up space, and rearrange your supplies for maximum efficiency. You can even try selling or swapping items you no longer use with local techs.

6. Invent enticing seasonal service recipes to add to your menu. Think about floral scents for spring or a cooling citrus pedicure bath for summer. Pumpkin spice scents are perfect for fall, and winter calls for warming touches, like hot beverages and heated mitts.

7. Jump on social media and YouTube. Check out what your favorite nail artists are up to or find some new ones. This is a great way to catch up on trends, as well as get ideas to use on your own clients.

8. Once you’ve tidied and made some space, go shopping! Get some fun new items for your nail table or some new art supplies. Sometimes the best inspiration comes in the form of glitter and brushes.

Victoria Thorp is a journalist-turned-nail technician from Australia who dedicates all her time to writing about and creating nail art. You can find her blog at  

Illustrations by Quinn Parisi

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