Hemi Park and model Ashlyn Sainte Claire.

Hemi Park and model Ashlyn Sainte Claire.

Hemi Park’s design comes from one of the toughest challenges of NTNA Season 5 — Pastel City — sponsored by Orly. The challenge asked competitors to use pastels only for street art-inspired nail looks. Park drew from her Korean heritage. “I am so proud to be a Korean-American cover artist to showcase this slice of beautiful traditional Korean culture and art.”

Here are Park’s steps for this month’s cover look:

1. Extend the natural nails using Gelish PolyGel to create an almond shape. Apply two even coats of LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish
in Innocence.

2. Create a reverse moon design near the cuticle area using Orly Electric Jungle. Seal with top coat. Section out the mural area at 1/3 of the nail using a long striper brush and LeChat Perfect Match in Flawless White, then cure.

3. Mix a 5:1 ratio of Flawless White and pastel gel-polish to create a pale shade. Using a medium length art brush, draw line by line while curing each layer of gel-polish. As lines build up side by side, add more colors to the previously used pastel mix to create a color gradient throughout the mural design.

4. Add triple-vertical lines on the reverse moon area using LeChat Perfect Match in Flawless White. Using silver glitter painting gel, outline the reverse moon and the mural design with a long striper brush. Seal the entire nail with gel top coat.

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