Whether looking forward to a late summer vacation or family trips over the holidays, travelling can be hard on the feet. Here are some tips from Dr. Krista Archer, a New York-based podiatrist, on how to prevent swelling during travel, which both you and your clients can benefit from.

1. Reduce your sodium intake. Salt causes your body to retain fluid, so cutting down on salt and foods with high sodium (like potato chips, soup, and salted peanuts) will help stop fluid from building up.

2. Try to walk a bit during your flight or long bus ride when it’s safe. Even walking to and from the bathroom a couple of times will promote circulation.

3. While seated, do ankle and foot exercises, such as making circles with your toes. This will stimulate blood flow.

4. Drink water, and lots of it! Stay hydrated while nourishing your kidneys, which help your body get rid of excess fluid. Bring a water bottle on the flight so you aren’t waiting until the stewards offer beverages.

5. Pamper yourself. Advise clients to get a pedicure before and after travelling and offer a specialized soak to target tired muscles. It may be a good idea to sell your own soak or scrub so clients can purchase it and soak their feet while they’re on the road.

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