Indiana-based Wave Gel educator Tess Walters created this nail technique inspired by the acrylic dirty pour technique used when painting on canvas with acrylic paint. Find more techniques, tutorials, and products on her website Follow her on her YouTube channel, The Nail Art Connection, and Instagram @nailartconnect.

1. Apply Wave Gel White Evolution to the nails. Do not cure. Prepare your palette with the Wave Gel colors Green Tea Smoothie, Wild West, Clean Slate, Dolly, and Glow in the Dark #5 (Hot Yellow).

2. Scoop a small amount of three or more colors from your palette with an angled silicone tool.

3. Lightly touch the silicone tool to the middle of the nail. Watch the gel start to spread. Allow the gels to run off the tool, leaving a trail of colors behind. To mimic an acrylic dirty pour you must leave a trail of thin colors.

4. Pick up more colors and do the same technique above and below the first deposit of colors. Deposit Clear Evolution Gel to your palette and apply it with a dotting tool in the areas where the colors have spread out the thinnest. Drag a few dots to make it look elongated in some areas.

5. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or two minutes in a UV lamp. Apply Wave Gel No Clean Top Coat and cure.

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