1. You can use any color, gradient, or effect under this design. The nail shown has two thin coats of Gelish Primrose & Proper with Top It Off, followed with Glitter Heaven’s White Magic applied with a fine sponge and rubbed in, and then top coated again with the inhibition layer removed.

2. Using a pointed brush, paint the five petals. Pick up a small amount of white gel-polish and paint each petal with varying pressure to create dimension. Using the brush on its side, scrape up some of the white in the middle of each petal to create more dimension and cure. Seal the nail with a very thin layer of top coat and cure.

3. Using a short fine nail art brush, black gel-polish, and an extremely light touch, paint the outline of each petal, creating a gentle point at the tip of each petal, then use tiny feathering strokes at the edge of each petal to add more dimension.

4. Create creases in each petal. Gently flick out from the center to define each crease.

5. Using a super fine dotting tool, pick up a tiny amount of black and add dots of varying sizes on each petal for contrast. Then add the tiniest dots you can make where any shadows might fall.

6. Using a long striper brush, create long lines around the top and bottom of the flower to frame the design. Cure your
black linework.

7. Seal the design with top coat. Cap the free edge first, then apply a thin coat to the rest of the nail, add a Swarovski crystal in the center of the flower, and gently push top coat around the edge of the crystal. Cure and wipe off the inhibition layer with a clean, dry, lint-free wipe.

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