The millennial generation is a large and valuable potential clientele, but it can be hard to know how to appeal to them. Millennials are frequently reluctant to spend money on services they feel they could replicate at home, but they value unique, memorable experiences that take them away from daily life. The key to targeting this clientele is to create services that stand out. Here’s how:

Appeal to their senses

Millennials are attracted to services that appeal to multiple senses and create a luxurious atmosphere. Fragrances, attractive product packaging and presentation, and smooth, silky sensations from lotions or masks are all important to these clients. New, indulgent services such as La Palm’s Volcano Spa can draw them in. Available in a variety of scents, the system features a fizzing volcano eruption effect. It’s exciting and fun to watch, and it leaves feet feeling incredible, too. The system also features Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Collagen Cream Maske, and Collagen Massage Lotion to nourish and moisturize, reduce rough skin, and provide a smooth-feeling finish.

Gif: The activation phase of the Volcano Spa provides a memorable experience that smells and feels great!

Make each step an event

Make sure the service stands out in the client’s mind by playing up its exciting and rejuvenating qualities. Start out by offering clients samples of each scent in jars and allow them to choose which one they want to try. Volcano Spa is available in a number of scents including Tropical Citrus, Romance, Orange No. 5, and Honey Pearl, and two new scents, Green Tea and Lavender, will be released soon. Clients will appreciate the opportunity to pick their favorite scent. After preparing the pedicure bowl, allow time to let the solution fizz before placing the client’s feet in the water. This builds the client’s anticipation and excitement. For an especially relaxing service, after applying the Collagen Maske, wrap the legs in a warm towel and elevate them. This makes cleanup easier for the tech as well.

Photo: New Volcano Spa scents, Lavender Eruption and Green Tea & Aloe Vera

Think about presentation

An irresistible display and an eye-catching look is a great way to make a service a must-try. Products with attractive packaging make a beautiful display. The service can be sold as an add-on to regular pedicure services, playing up its unique qualities and creating an opportunity for extra income for the nail tech.  

For millennial clients, the experience is everything, but for nail techs, efficiency is the key to success. Creating a full experience can be time-consuming, leaving less time to fit in clients. Volcano Spa’s conveniently prepackaged steps reduce prep time, allowing nail techs to offer clients a high-quality, memorable pedicure with ease.

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