If you have a passion for nail art, chances are you’re considering applying for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist. The competition requires contestants to make an application video and to create some videos for certain challenges. We know that it can be a little intimidating to be on camera, but trust us—you can do it! Here are our five top tips for being on camera and creating great videos, courtesy of former NTNA competitors.

1. Smile!

“My best advice on filming yourself or being on camera is to always smile, smile, smile! It will make a world of difference, whether you’re facing the camera or doing a voiceover for a tutorial.”

-Dana Cecil, NTNA Season 5 Competitor

2. Show your enthusiasm.

“Show the world who you are and what an amazing personality you have. Speak clearly, and show energy and excitement! Having these qualities in your video will draw in your audience of judges, viewers, and voters.”

-Lavette Cephus, NTNA Season 2 Winner

3. Save your work as you edit.

“I’m sure you can relate: you’re hours into editing, and you’re almost done, and all you need to do is add that very last transition onto your closing statement and…the program crashes. Next thing you know, you’re crying in the backyard, hugging your dog. We’ve all been there. Make sure you use a reliable program, and periodically save your progress.”

-Winnie Huang, NTNA Season 3 Winner

4. Do multiple takes.

“Do as many takes as you possibly can. You can never have too many takes! Then, go through all of them and piece your best parts together.” 

-Dana Cecil, NTNA Season 5 Competitor

5. Be yourself.

“When filming, lighting is important, table setup is important, editing is important, but I believe that the most important thing about filming yourself and being on camera is to be yourself. Allow your personality to shine through and don’t try and imitate someone else. This will allow you to be at your most comfortable while filming.”

-Tracey Lee, NTNA Season 4 Winner

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