Nail friends are the best friends! Inspired by her friendship with Melissa Finch, FingerNail Fixer Holly Schippers asked readers on NAILS' website and Facebook page to share pictures of them with their own nail BFFs, and many of you responded. Here are 15 photos showing the bond between best nail friends forever.

1. Melissa Finch and Holly Schippers

2. Annette Sykaluk and Karen Miller 

3. Nellie Neal and Braden Jahr

3. Becky Bunnell is one of Kim Manore's many nail BFFs

4. Debbie Harris and Alexis Ogden

5. "My nail BFF rescued me from post-hurricane flood waters, in an inflatable canoe that she patched the night before with hard gel," says Michelle Aab.

6. Anna Boyer shared this photo with many nail BFFs!

7. Candace Ray, Natalie Figorotta-Frank, and Deb Cabrera

8. Kimberly Jones and Anna Boyer

9. Kimberly Jones, Emily Hitchings, and Nicole Franklin

10. Kimberly Jones, Shonelle Haggard-Grant, Jennifer Harrison, Melissa Pechey, and Holly Schippers

11. Lauri Allore and her nail BFFs

12. Kris Kiss and Dana D'andraia

13. Tammy Becraft is missing and remembering her late friend

14. Vickie Meador and Josie Burris

15. Kristine Ambeau and Coriana

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