1. Training

OPI educators stay polished all year-round with training and product knowledge twice a year. Educators receive:

  • A paid trip to corporate headquarters for training
  • Product
  • Access to online coaching

“We maintain our confidence through corporate trainings twice a year. These trainings are designed to keep us informed on what techniques and products OPI has to offer for the upcoming season and allow us to be on top of beauty trends. When we end our training I can feel the exhilaration that everyone has as they head back into the field. Everyone is motivated and rejuvenated,” says Jeany Perez, OPI Educator

2. Networking

Take networking to another level by being in the presence of phenomenal, like-minded people. Educators enjoy:

  • Building solid relationships
  • A platform on which to view the entire spectrum of the beauty industry (from both the corporate side to behind the table)
  • Growing and finding their niche through those they meet

“I get to meet the most creative people that inspire me every day. I also have the opportunity to teach them everything I know to make them more successful at their craft,” says Lisa Kern,  OPI Educator

3. Travel

See the world through an OPI lens. Who doesn’t love to travel? Educators get to experience:

  • Going beyond trade shows and participate in other nail events
  • Meeting nail professionals face-to-face who you’ve connected with or social media?
  • Taking their career to the next level by seeing life outside of the salon as well

“There is nothing that compares to the feeling of reaching those you teach. We never forget our teachers who made a difference in our life. Making that special connection is seamless when you have confidence and proper training. OPI is the #1 global nail brand for a reason,” says Jeany Perez, OPI educator

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